chocolate chip  $9.99/dozen

A chewy version of an all-American classic   

chocolate chip
wild oatmeal
pb blossoms

P.B. Blossoms  $10.99/dozen

               A holiday favorite that are great any time of the year!                                                    

Wild Oatmeal  $12.99/dozen

Peanut butter chips, chocolate chips and oat-y goodness       

Snickerdoodles  $9.99/dozen

A classic! Our never-dry customer favorite is sure to please 

c.c. blondies  $14.99/batch

                                            A dessert that doubles as breakfast                                             

3 Dozen
Drop Cookie Platter

A typical 3 dozen drop cookie platter completely fills a 12" deli-style tray.

Chocolate Crinkles  $12.99/dozen

                                                 Every chocolate lover will rejoice upon first taste                                     

Drop Cookies

3 dozen minimum (interchangeable) | cookie sizes may vary

cream cheese blondies
chocolate crinkles