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frequently asked questions
​Where do I pick up my cookies?
You don't have to because I come to you! It's my pleasure to bring your order to you within the Rochester NY area.

What is your frosting made of?
I use a pure buttercream frosting, made of only salted butter, confectioner's sugar, milk and vanilla. 

Is your cookie dough home-made?
Yes, all of my cookies and frostings are fresh and made by me. 

Can you make low-carb cookies?
I am able to substitute sugar for splenda, however, I have found that alternative flour products compromise the quality of my product.

Are your cookies allergen free?
Unfortunately I cannot 100% guarantee any cookies be free from allergens such as tree nuts.
Why Cookie Queen?
Sounds like a self-affirming name...

For several years, friends and co-workers of mine have passed my name on to others and referred to me as the Cookie Queen. While initially unsure of calling myself something that seems to pat myself on the back, it made sense to go with something that folks within my circle already call me. 

If we've never met before, then welcome to my Cookie Kingdom! I strive to make all of your cookie dreams a reality. I'm always open to expanding what I offer, so please don't hesitate to ask questions or make suggestions.